We all know how tedious and manipulative pushy salesmen can be, the one thing you can be sure of with Grapids Heating & Cooling is that you won’t be getting any of that. From simple tune-ups to complex repairs and installations, they can handle just about anything at all. They have a very professional staff; they’ll show up, identify the problem, fix it, and before you know they’ll be out of your hair. Although there were some complaints in regards to bigger-than-expected bills, there were more than enough happy customers, making it easy for me to recommend their services.

  • Phone: (616) 223-6777
  • Services Offered: Heater Repair, Heater Installation, AC Repair, AC Replacement, Indoor Air Quality, Duct Cleaning
  • Address: 3325 3 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534, United States
  • Website URL: https://www.grheat.com/

"With almost 25 years in the business, remarkable reviews across various different platforms, and thousands of happy customers, Grand Rapids Heating and Cooling is one of the oldest and most trusted HVAC service providers in the town. Locally owned and operated and judging from the reviews, they’re very affordable and have a very capable staff. Having looked at hundreds of businesses, I can say that Grand Rapids Heating and Cooling is up there with some of the best and I would totally recommend their services to anyone looking for HVAC or plumbing services. "


"Schaafsma Heating and Cooling have been providing HVAC services in Grand Rapids and Rockford for over 100 years. This makes them pretty much the oldest HVAC service providers around and judging from the reviews, one of the most trustworthy as well. They offer quality services at decent rates and boast thousands of long-term customers. As far as their staff is concerned, they’re professional and they operate with honesty; you wouldn’t have much to worry about and they’ll provide you with all the details you need. "

  • Phone: (616) 458-7304
  • Services Offered: Heating, Cooling, Air Quality, Maintenance
  • Address: 25 N Park St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States
  • Website URL: https://www.schaafsma.com/

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